Largest folding saw on the market Did your jaw just drop? Well so did ours, it's huge! Not for the light hearted, or little delicate rose bushes at home… unless you want to destroy them. This saw means business. Step aside chainsaws, the Katana 1000 has arrived! Did we mention that it is huge, well with that being said, the Katana Boy is a folding saw and this enables the ginormous unfolded saw to become quite compact. It can slide underneath the seat of the 4WD, within easy reach for clearing fallen logs over the track. An unreal companion on outdoor adventures, eg 4wding, hiking, camping, bushcraf and more. This is our environmentally friendly alternative to a small chainsaw. Brilliant if you don’t want to invite the chainsaw to your next trip - save on fuel, no fumes, no oil… and quiet!

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