Is the Silky Zubat Professional Arborist Saw your go to handsaw? It really does the job quickly and efficiently, but there’s just one little niggle, your hand is just a little bit too wide for the handle.


Silky Saws from Japan have heard you. Silky have re-invented the Sugoi “Tree Tiger” just for you and the handle has 15mm more hand width room than the Zubat.


Silky didn’t just change the length and repackage. It was a whole rethink of the popular Sugoi. The first thing Silky did was talk with arborists and Silky distributors around the world and compiled a wishlist of inclusions. Then they went to work designing and manufacturing.

Silky Sugoi Progressive Teeth

33 CM Blade With Extra Large Progressive Teeth


The first step was to design a shorter blade than the 36cm and 42cm length. When you are climbing, being able to access your handsaw and remove it from the scabbard gets difficult when the blade is too long. But you want it to be long enough to get the job done quickly. 33cm seems to be the “Goldilocks” handsaw length for arborist use.


Step 2: Increased Tooth Size. Big teeth bite into the branch if you push it down too hard when starting the cut. This makes that first cut difficult to get underway. A lot of times you have to lift the saw and start again. Silky removed that problem by creating progressive teeth on the Sugoi 33cm Blade.



Near the handle, where you start the cut and then pull, Silky made the teeth smaller making it easier to start cutting. Then, as you work across the branch the teeth were made larger and the saw becomes more aggressive. Hence the name progressive teeth. (Just like the Progressive Barn Dance - depends on who you started with) 

Sugoi with Leg Straps on Lower Leg


Step 3: Scabbard Re-Design. Silky envisaged that there would be quite a number of tree climbing arborists who would like this new Sugoi. Therefore it had to have a scabbard that would lock the saw in place and would keep it there while they were climbing. Safety for the climber and the groundies is paramount.


Step 4: Silky Bonus. Through their research, Silky found that an increasing number of climbers are moving to sawpods or similar to attach the saw to their leg instead of hanging off their belt via the scabbards belt loop.


With the NEW Sugoi 33cm Arborist Saw, Silky have included two elasticized Velcro Straps. These straps are threaded through the scabbard and around the leg. Our discussions with arborists have shown they favour it below the knee. It is much easier to remove from the scabbard and replace it when the scabbard is further away. If upper leg or waist high it is difficult to bend your arm enough to remove or replace the saw.


 Vine Cutter and Roller Lock on Sugoi 33cm

Your new Silky Saw is locked in to a bright yellow scabbard making it much more distinctive to see either in the kit or if you have removed it between jobs. The distinctive front vine cutter, not only removes vines, it also helps train your muscle memory allowing you to pull the full length of the saw across the branch without pulling the saw out of the cut.

The New Silky Sugoi 33cm Professional Arborist Saw


Silky Sugoi Professional Handsaw 330m with Leg straps has progressive extra large teeth. This Saw has an ultra lightweight handle and scabbard, leg strap and 3d roller lock system. The most efficient Sugoi yet!


SKU 390-33  

330mm long blade

Extra Large Non Set Mirai-Me Teeth.  6.5 to 5.5 teeth per 30mm


Electroless Nickel Plating to protect from rust. 


The best way to have a look and see what this new Silky Design is all about is to ask at your nearest Silky Saws distributor or have a look on the website Just type Sugoi into the search box on the website.

Want to know right now, call Nita or Shenae on 

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