Silky Saws are made in Japan and are renowned for their quality construction and speed of cutting. Being an Eastern saw, they cut on the pull stroke. As you pull the saw toward you the teeth will be doing the cutting. This is the opposite way to how Western saws work. A pull saw is ergonomically more efficient to use than a push saw and doesn’t need as much effort.

The non-slip rubberized grip absorbs vibration and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge. It is easier on the hands that the plastic or wooden handles prevalent on many saws not as well designed.

Pistol Grip Prosenti, Okatsune Secateurs & Bionic GlovesNearly all of the Silky full tang (non foldable) hand saws have a scabbard or a sheath to place the saw in. The scabbard has a belt clip so that you will always have somewhere to place the saw and not put it down and misplace it. 

The folding saws have a convenient hole through which to attach a carabiner which can then be snapped onto your belt. A time saving feature by allowing you to have your saw with you and not having to retrieve it each time you see a need for use. Attaching the saw by carabineer also helps to ensure that you don’t misplace your Silky.

The pistol grip shape of the handle helps you to hold the saw firmly and use it easily on the pull stroke, especially with arthritic hands. Because it is a pull saw, a Silky Saw is able to be made with a thinner blade that a Western saw. This gives you and advantage because a thinner blade means that you are not cutting as much wood and it is easier. Combine that with the incredible stay sharp teeth of the Silky and you will enjoy years of use with it.

Probably the greatest benefit from using a Silky saw is the satisfaction you will achieve seeing how much you have accomplished in such a short time and the incredible mirror smoothness of the cuts you have made.