Do you sometimes get intimidated when asking a sales person for more information about a product you are buying? Do you feel like they aren’t interested? Or do you just get referred to their website? You can feel their impatience and you know they think you are a waste of time.


That won’t happen to you at Silky Saws Australia. We love our Silky Saws and our customers. In fact customers and Silky Saws are the reason we are in business.


So if you want to know something about a Silky Saw, or want to compare them, try them and ask questions about how they cut and what is the best saw for a specific purpose we can’t wait to be of help.


First off we will ask a few questions like:

  • What are you cutting? Is it green wood, dead wood, bamboo, trees, shrubs, cow horns, chicken carcasses, frozen tuna, plastic conduit, mdf board or construction timber?
  • What is the biggest and smallest diameter of material you will be cutting?
  • Where will you be using your Silky? Will it be for tree work, pruning, hiking, camping, 4WDing, fishing, survival, forestry, farming, gardening, hunting, building and construction, Bonsai or floristry?


These questions and your answers help us to make the right recommendation for you. In these days of big box stores like Bunnings and cheap imports from China and India, we want you to know why your Silky Saw is the value it is and how to look after the best handsaw or pole saw investment you have made.


Really what we want is to have you feel as pleased about owning a Silky Saw as we do about helping you choose the right one.


We also love getting your feedback about any part of our service and especially about how you are using your Silky and your results.Feel free to leave a comment or like us on Facebook SilkySawsAustralia