Silky Gomtaro Root Cutting Saw

Want to be Amazed, try Silky’s ROOT CUTTING SAW!

What is it designed to do?

Well the name itself says it all - root cutting saw. But that’s not all. This particular saw is toughened to cut tree roots and resist blunting from dirt and debris.
Home gardeners sometimes need to clear and get rid of a stump from a tree they just cut down, or they are cutting a branch that will have dirt on it.

It’s so unique and has so many uses!

*  Landscaping

*  Lawn service

*  Handyman

*  Arborist

*  Tree lopper

*  Parks and Gardens

*  Builders

*  Olive Groves

*  Construction

*  Fencing Contractors

*  The list goes on
Gomtaro Root Cutting Saw


- Putting a new footpath down

- Setting up for root barrier

- Removing tree roots that need to be cleared away before starting any construction work

- Pruning through thick dirt filled bark

- Cutting dirty branches (after floods & other natural disasters)

- SES Storm clearing

Commercial Growers: While cutting at the base of the tree to cut those suckers or new growth off, inevitably the saw goes into the soil with each stroke, if you're using a standard saw you're going to blunt it really quickly.

Fencing Contractors: Often they'll be removing an old fence and need to get rid of the timber posts. Normally you've got to dig them out or use chainsaws to cut the post just under ground level. This will make the chain go blunt really quickly because it's rotating in the dirt. The Gomtaro Root Cutter can solve this problem. It’s brilliant and fast, plus saves you from getting a new chain or sharpening it every time it goes blunt.

WHY is it important?: At the end of the day dirt is grit, so it's tiny stones basically. It's very abrasive on a standard saw, which will lose its edge very quickly when cutting into that sort of material. Dirt encased in the bark is the same sort of thing, and you risk blunting your saw.

Gomtaro Root Cutter: Designed to be a very easy saw to use. It has a very clean and very smooth cut. The tooth style doesn't leave aggressive marks on the tree.

If you are cutting tree roots to transplant a tree this is your must have! It’s brilliant for that because not only is it not going to go blunt quickly but it's also going to give a nice finished surface so that the roots have the best chance of healing