Second Hand Silky Hayauchi

I was looking on Gumtree the other day and ran across a second hand Hayauchi 6.3 metre pole saw. I couldn’t resist having a look and seeing what they wanted for it.

The add only had this

Telescopic pole saw- Silky Hayauchi 6.3m


The advertisement only had above as the headline and description and then there were four photos. Two of them are below.

 Hayauchi 6.3 mtr Pole Saw second hand        Hayauchi Blade needing some TLC

 Some things that could help sell this Pole Saw

The first thing I noticed is that the head of the pole saw is on upside down. It is much better to place the head on so that the red locking levers are on top of the pole when you are cutting.

When the pole is extended it is IMPERITAVE that the pins and locking levers are both in place. This ensures that the pole is secured properly at the different extensions.

With the locking levers upside down it is easy to knock one open as you manoeuvre it into the tree or palm to remove the unwanted branch or palm.

Oh! Clean that blade after use.

The second image I looked at was the blade. It looked terrible. I am assuming that this pole saws was used for pruning palm trees and it wasn’t cleaned once after use. This is a $120 blade and it takes about two minutes to clean it after use.

Australia is blessed (or cursed) with acid sulfate soils all down the east coast and palm trees love them and have an acid affinity. So much so that their sap is acidic and that is why a lot of tree contractors use a Silky Pole saw or hand saw to prune palms as it is much cheaper for them to replace a Silky blade that get their $1200 chainsaws repaired after not maintaining them after cutting palms.


Easy Saw Clean 100ml

But for a homeowner who invests in a quality tool like the Hayauchi Pole Saw, a little time spent cleaning it after use is an investment.

Clean it with hot soapy water then spray some lanolin on the blade. Don’t use WD40 or similar products as they are corrosive penetrants and over time will leave your saw blade looking like the one above.

Easy Saw Clean based on tea tree oil will remove any sap or residue from cutting. Spray it on both sides of the blade, leave for a minute or two and then wipe clean. Spray or apply some lanolin oil for storage.

Look after your Silky and it will outlive you, they are that good.