Are you after a saw that can prune palm trees and reach high into trees or palms?

Just as red cars go faster than other cars, Silky Saws go faster and more efficiently than other saws! This pole saw has ALL the qualities that a home gardener or professional climber needs!

Professional arborists / tree loppers have a soft spot for the Forester and love it to bits, but then again, who doesn't love a lightweight, easy to use saw that you can use when climbing a tree! Even though it is a lightweight pole saw, it is still really strong!

You can use it from the ground or climb up a tree with it and it can transform into a hand saw! (Not by itself, but with your help) Our Facebook page has some great examples of these pole saws at work. If you think that pruning palm trees is difficult, because they are too high or too big, then our saws can do the job for you.