ATTENTION ALL CAKE DECORATORS How many times in your career as a cake decorator have you struggled with those cantankerous pieces of dowel that you need to cut for the support of your cake tiers? Cut fingers, broken hacksaw blades and splintered dowelling ends are probably only some of many issues with which you have had to contend. Here at Silky Saws, we are offering you an amazing solution to your problems- the Mini,Mini Wood saw. This little gem is not only ergonomically designed but is lightweight and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. This wonderful tool has been created in Japan and honed to the Japanese standard of sharpness. (Just think of the Samurei swords). It only measures 27cm and comes with its own safety cover so you will be able to take it with you when you go to cake seminars or workshops. The teeth are purposely flayed out slightly so that when you are cutting the wood, the diameter of the cut is a little bigger than the thickness of the saw, thus helping the saw not to become caught in the wood. One of the many benefits of this saw is that if, after much use, the blade breaks or becomes blunt ,a replacement blade can be ordered. These saws are colour-coded because they have different uses. The one you will need is the yellow one. The investment for this saw is a mere $29.70 inc GST