Ono Japan

Innovation from Silky Saws

Silky Saws Japan, located 300kms west of Tokyo are the technology world leader in the development of handsaws. They re-designed the way handsaws cut and are still creating innovative techniques for manufacturing handsaws that cut very quickly and still leave a mirror smooth cut surface.
In western society our motto is "If it ain't broke, don't touch it". In Japanese society it is more like "If it ain't broke, break it and make it better". Silky are always listening to end users, adding refinements and looking for ways to improve their saws, scabbards and pole saws. The owners of Silky Saws have the intent to be eco-friendly and producing the best saws that are used for pruning trees is one of their prime responsibilities.


Australian Arborists provide feedback.

On a recent trip to Australia two representatives from Silky Saws in Japan travelled with Jannita from Arborlab Tree Care, the Silky importer in Australia, to Victoria and Tasmania. They wanted to talk with a number of Silky Saw clients. Arborists and orchardists were on their agenda.

At a meeting with some arborists in Melbourne they received a request for a Zubat with extra large teeth. Currently the large tooth Zubat has 7.5 teeth per 30mm of blade and the fine tooth Zubat has 10 teeth per 30mm. The new Zubat Professional Arborist Saw has 5.5 teeth per 30mm. That is now one aggressive saw, especially with the 33cm blade length.


Silky deliver on Zubat request.

Within three months of the talk with the arborists the new Zubat Professional Arborist Saw arrived in Australia. Saws were forwarded to Melbourne and throughout Australia for trial and comment. The reports were favourable and the Silky Zubat Professional Arborist Saw was put into production. It is now in stock in our Brisbane warehouse and in stock at distributors throughout Australia.


Arborist Forums

We take the time to read arborist forums from around the world and also get google mentions regarding Silky hand and pole saws. Sometimes there are details regarding Silky Saws that aren’t quite correct. So we decided to add some technical information about the Zubats that may be of interest.


Not Just A Saw

The Silky Zubat isn’t just a saw. It also has the best scabbard ever designed to protect and hold your saw when you wear it on your belt or attach it to your leg with optional leg straps made from elasticized Velcro.

The scabbard has three internal rollers to help protect it, no matter from what angle you return the saw to the scabbard. The handle of the saw has a shoulder on it that gets locked behind a roller when returned. Nothing worse than the saw falling out when you are nearly upside down 30 metres in the air.


Cuts on the pull stroke

Silky saws cut as you pull the blade towards you. They do not cut on the forward or push stroke. Cutting on the pull stroke requires less energy and gives you more control over the action of the saw. As you return the blade to start cutting again, take off any pressure. The return stroke as you push clears the gullet between the teeth of sawdust and cutting debris.

Silky Features
Laser-cut blades with impulse hardened teeth cut from a special alloy steel engineered exclusively to Silky requirements to deliver a saw with:
Harder, stay sharp longer cutting teeth
Exceptional strength - you won’t break this saw as you pull on it to cut.
Unique combination of tooth hardness with blade strength and flexibility

Impulse Hardening
Using a special high frequency heating technique