When I read this, I had to ask myself why anyone needed an animal such as a fox when they were doing gardening or tree lopping.

Once I saw the picture of the Silky Hook Fox, I was convinced that I didn’t have a clue as to its use. My grandfather. who was an avid gardener, would have been pulling his hair out by now. Another lesson for me coming up.

Silky Hook FoxThe Hook Fox is designed to fit on ALL the Silky Pole Saws.


What is it designed to do? It is a manoeuvring device – helps move things around a tree.


Why would a customer need to do that? It minimizes broken blades.


It may not look like it does much but please don’t underestimate the Hook Fox. It helps with: – Pulling dead branches or palm fronds out of trees – Lifts branches to release a jammed chainsaw bar – Lifts service wires to get the trucks in a yard – Lifting up or advancing climbing ropes – Hang the pole saw while working.


If you are in or near Cairns and need professional information on this arborist tool please contact Talitha or Alan at NQtrees on 0403 551 169