Silky Saws

"I needed a saw for maintenance on a bush block: trimming limbs off large trees, about 5-6 metres up; trimming branches off trees on the driveway (all sizes); and taking some of the larger lower branches of a tree so that I could drop it with a chainsaw. I was a bit concerned about the size of the Hayate, at over 6 metres, but I knew I needed that length to reach some of the tallest branches and I absolutely did the right thing in going for size.

What’s brilliant is the combination of cutting power and cleanness. One or two downward strokes and you’ve got a deep enough cut to hold the saw if you can get some angle. Get that initial cut, and you’re through a branch 15-20 cm thick in about 20 cuts, or about 30 seconds. With absolutely minimal effort. The action is so good that when my chainsaw conked out, I finished off cutting up the tree (30 cm diameter) with the saw blade. It did take 3-4 minutes of hard work, but very doable. Small branches are ridiculously easy, just a few cuts.

The saw is brilliant. If you’re like me – 155 cm, 53 kg – you’ll need to find ways to work with it to get it up to those high places in a couple of stages, but it can be done. If you’re stronger, you’ll be able to lift it in one go, without the manoeuvring. But as the Silky Saws people explained, once you’ve got the saw up it’s easy to do the work, because all the power of the saw drives the cut. Horizontal cuts I can only do with the saw with the handle folded up, but if there is any angle, you’re away.

I’m not Captain Risky but I’m not exactly gentle on my gear. The saw is very, very robust. It’s already survived a bit (including a journey down the hill without me … woops) and I’m using it more than I thought I would, because I can do so much.