Here at ATC Products - Silky Saws, we strive to help our customers to the best of our abilities. What better way to help our customers is to put ourselves in their shoes. That is exactly what Nita & Shenae have done. Recently we have had more and more questions and inquiries about what saw/axe would be best suited in a survival situation.  These girl don't believe in telling lies or pretending they know about subjects they have no idea about.  So they can’t sell or help people choose tools for things they really don't know, or if they would be any good for. Instead of ‘winging it’ Nita & Shenae were thrown into the bush, Conondale, QLD. Two city girls heading into the bush, what could possibly go wrong?  The girls were well looked after by Rich Hungerford – Senior Survival & Bushcraft Instructor at Bushlore. ‘Rich embarked on a dynamic career in the Australian Army.  During his Army service Rich was qualified as both an Army Survival Instructor by the Army Survival Wing and a Combat Survival Instructor (COMSURV) within Special Operations. With twenty years of survival and tracking training and experience Rich has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and been exposed to many different perspectives relating to the subjects.’ So you could say the girls were in safe hands!

When it comes to survival, hiking, camping, bushcraft or an off road adventure, the key is to ‘forget nothing and to be prepared for anything!’ It seems like a big task and a little daunting. But you are now in safe hands. The team here at ATC Products have made a list of saws / axes that will help you find the right one for your needs. But if lost, you can contact us via email or phone call.   When it comes to saws, you are potentially looking for something that is lightweight, compact and hassle free. Not sure if you want a fixed or folding saw?

FOLDING SAW: Lightweight, compact as the blade folds into the handle, and will easily fit inside of the backpack or glove box.

HAND SAW: Stronger and more comfortable to use and will easily fit down the side or on the outside of the backpack.


Pocket Boy ❖ Gomboy ❖ Super Accel ❖ Ultra Accel ❖ F180 ❖ Big Boy ❖ Katana Boy

❖ F180 - Lightest of all Silky folding saws. Perfect for anyone with weight or space issues.

❖ POCKET BOY/GOMBOY/SUPER ACCEL - Compact, lightweight and reliable! Perfect for anyone with weight or space issues that needs a saw with extra strength.

❖ BIGBOY - Compact, lightweight, log cutting saw.  Good for conserving energy and speed.

❖ ULTRA ACCEL - Extra strength, compact saw.  Great if you need a tough folder.

These tools are essential items when it comes to being outdoors and putting yourself in those situations. I would hate to be without one. Clear away hanging branches, building a shelter, preparing a fire.

RICH (our survival instructor) said that is it important to have sharp quality tools. WHY? When you need to survive, conserving energy is number one priority!  The better your tools, the less energy you will need to exert. And the faster and more likely you will survive!


❖ Gomtaro ❖ Zubat ❖ Sugoi ❖ Natanoko 2000 ❖ Masaru

❖ ZUBAT/GOMTARO - Compact, lightweight and straight or curved blade. Brilliant for cutting both soft and dryer pieces of timber - Great allrounder!

❖ SUGOI - Alternative to a small chainsaw, will cut larger branches for building the frame of a shelter of clearing fallen logs.  Lightweight hand saw that has a very easy cutting tooth style.

❖ NATANOKO 2000 - Arched blade (best of both worlds) This saw was one of riches favourite. He liked the strength and arched blade.  Teeth are big, but not too big, so good for most applications.

❖ MASARU - Alternative to a small chainsaw, will cut larger branches for building the frame of a shelter of clearing fallen logs.  Lightweight hand saw that is very aggressive. This saw is all about speed. A little more energy to use, but very fast cutting.


❖ Ono ❖ Nata Hatchet ❖ Yoki

❖ NATA - Knife / axe, great for a bit of everything, hammer, splitter, carver!

❖ YOKI - Machete, slashing annoying vines.

❖ ONO - Splitting timber, or cutting up logs.

If you would like anymore information or have any enquiries we are only an email or phone call away. If you would like to see the full range of Silky Saws, we have a complete showroom in Capalaba, Brisbane.

(07) 3823 1599 or [email protected]