Largest folding saw on the market Did your jaw just drop? Well so did ours, it's huge! Not for the light hearted, or little delicate rose bushes at home… unless you want to destroy them. This saw means business. Step aside chainsaws, the Katana 1000 has arrived! Did we mention that it is huge, well with that being said, the Katana Boy is a folding saw and this enables the ginormous unfolded saw to become quite compact. It can slide underneath the seat of the 4WD, within easy reach for clearing fallen logs over the track. An unreal companion on outdoor adventures, eg 4wding, hiking, camping, bushcraft and more. This is our environmentally friendly alternative to a small chainsaw. Brilliant if you don’t want to invite the chainsaw to your next trip - save on fuel, no fumes, no oil… and quiet!


katana boy saws



Huge folding saw with its own canvas carry bag Possibly the largest folding saw in the world - A jaw dropping sight when extended Easy maintenance and sharpenable blade Cuts through a 50cm tree or branch like a hot knife through butter.

Safety features to protect you, your hands and the blade.

Special Gom Rubber handle.

Katana Boy 500mm blade has 5 teeth per 3 cm

Katana Boy 650mm blade has 4 teeth per 3 cm

Katana Boy 1000mm blade has graduated teeth, from 5 per 3 cm at the handle to 2.5 teeth per 3 cm at the tip.

This makes it easier to start cutting with the smaller teeth and as you work through the length of the blade the bigger teeth come into play. Katana Boy safety features: With teeth this size safety is a good consideration.

The Katana Boy has a locking system when collapsing the blade. It stops the blade before it snugs into the handle. When you see the size of the teeth and how sharp they are, you will appreciate this fail-safe device, especially when you realise that your hand is wrapped around the handle, just where the blade is going to go. Silky Katana Boy also has a security screw that protects against accidental opening or closing of the blade.

Katana boy 1000 Three Blade Sizes With Different Tooth Sizes The Katana Boy 500 is amazing and brilliant as an alternative to a chainsaw. The 500 makes a great large multipurpose saw, as it will prune the smaller limbs. The Katana 500 has smaller teeth than the Katana 650mm, making the Katana 500 for smaller and larger branches, as a larger size teeth, will not cope well on small branches. They'll jump around quite a bit and sort of vibrate and won’t slide through the branch smoothly. The Katana 650 is incredible and obviously bigger so if you are only interested in cutting big logs, big limbs then this is absolutely brilliant! ‘I want to cut the tree down,’ then Katana 650 is your friend, but if you want a little bit more general-purpose and you want to impress your friends the Katana 500 is your buddy. You guys will be best friends for LIFE. However if you want to be a lumberjack with the world’s biggest folding saw, you will only have one word for the Katana Boy 1000. “AWESOME” in the true sense of the word. Special

Rubber Handle - not wooden or plastic Just like all Silky Saws, the handle is a special Gom rubber that is patent to Silky Saws. It has won numerous awards over the years and each Silky handle has been carefully designed to look and feel AMAZING! Rubber handles are comfortable to hold, reduce vibration and offer superior grip when hands are wet, cold and when wearing gloves.

Canvas Carry Case The Katana Boy comes with it’s own canvas case that is convenient when storing the saw away. It comes with a single strap on the back to carry when on outdoor adventures. On the bag it has a pocket to fit a bushcraft / hunting knife, or small folding saw even a spare Katana Boy blade. Currently the Katana Boy 500 and 650 are in stock with the 1000 due in September direct from Japan and hot off the forge.