Catalogue Front Cover

The Silky Saws catalogue is a beautiful presentation of all of the Silky Saws available from the folding saws, hand saws and Pole Saws through to the innovative Japanese folding woodworking saws.



The photographs are first class and perhaps the most valuable part is that all of the technical information regarding saw tooth size, blade length, kerf and also pictograms for the best uses for each saw.



Featured on the front cover of the 2016-2017 catalogue are the new curved Gomboy Folding Saws. These folding saws are perfect for general pruning and come in four blade sizes. Check them out on page 7 of the catalogue. 

To download your catalogue click on this link Silky Saws Catalogue


Pages 9 and 10 feature the Katanaboys, the largest folding saws in their class with a 500mm and 650mm blade. The double page layout also presents the icons for the description of each saw telling you what tooth style, whether the saws are sharpenable or the teeth are impulse hardened. The catalogue not only looks great, it is packed with information.